Intercom Systems and Access Control

Oz Tech Security has fully trained and licenced Wollongong Security Technicians who can install and maintain our Security Products and Systems for full functionality.

Intercom Systems

The ability to visually identify a caller to your premises is invaluable to any residence or business. Whether it is a small home, an apartment complex or a corporate office, Intercom systems are used to to provide audio and visual contact to your door station.

Using an intercom system allows you, your family or your staff to allow or deny access to your premises, saving you unnecessary anxiety.
Utilised with a 'buzzer' unlocking entry, an Intercom system provides peace of mind.

Intercom Technicians

Our Wollongong technicians are proficient in the installation and maintenance of intercom systems. Your typical intercom system might include; A Door Station (Video/Audio), Room Stations and a Power Supply.

Access Control

Whatever the size or shape of your premises, having the ability to control access to who can come and go is a must. To improve your security, access control makes a unique security situation for your building. This may be for a single door or a larger scale residential or commercial building. An integrated Access Control system is a secure and efficient way to protect against unwanted guests and provide safety for staff and clients.


Depending on the size of your premises address, we can tailor a system to suit your needs, allowing for dependants such as the quantity of people requiring access;
• Control who, when are where an individual may enter your premises.
• Protect your staff and your assets
• Secure certain areas or sections
• And fully integrate you access control with a complete security system.

The Latest Technology

Oz Tech Security guarantees that it is able to provide and install a wide range of Intercom and Access Control Systems. With our Alliances and Certified Partnerships with a range of advanced Security Product Companies such as Kocom and Bticino, you will be receiving the elite in technology.

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